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Omlet’s Eglu Go, and Go Up, Nestera coops, plus poultry accessories, feed, poultry supplies and hen boarding/holidays

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Chicken HOUSING/ Poultry COOPS


For sale


Caring for Chickens & FAQ





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Visits are, as always, by appointment only - please telephone to make an appointment.



The  CHICKENS  breeds available for sale are:-


WOODCHIP available now


Do you have a muddy chicken run?


Then get yourself some woodchip, it is a great ‘natural’ carpet for your hens.





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Treadle Feeders

Rollaway nestboxes


Automatic door openers

Louse & Red Mite treatments




Poultry Zest/PEP

Apple Cider Vinegar & Garlic

Electric Poultry Netting kits

Non-electrified Poultry Netting kit

Woodchip for chicken run

Easichick bedding

Straw & chopped straw



Plus much, much more…

4ltr gw drinker


Electric Poultry Netting





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Plus  CHICKEN  HOUSING/ COOPS  for sale:-

Many styles of poultry housing including:-

 ** special offers on certain coops – limited time only **


Omlet’s Eglu Go

(chicken house, with or without run)



Omlet’s Eglu Go UP

(chicken house, with or without run)



The Milford

(a basic wooden poultry house & run)



The Stafford 'Junior and Standard'

(traditional wooden raised poultry house that comes in two sizes.  A run can be purchased separately, if required)



The Swinford

(traditional wooden poultry house – a run can be purchased separately if required)




The Green Frog – Nestera’ coops

Coops made from 100% recycled plastic

These coops are available for delivery direct to your door.  We do not have any in stock- but we have a demonstrator that you can view..



Chicken houses & coops are IN STOCK and ready to take home today!



The Milford

The Eglu Go UP


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The Eglu Go (also available in green)



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                                                 The Stafford ‘Standard                                         The Green Frog/ Nestera

                                                                          ’(both coops come with or without a run)



Plus  Hen HOLIDAYS / Chicken BOARDING:-

Hen Holidays

Chicken Boarding


If you are going on holiday and can't find anyone to look after your hens, then you can bring them to us for a little holiday of their own. 


We understand how difficult it is to take family holidays, and try to find someone who knows about chickens to look after your birds whilst you are away.  As seasoned chicken keepers, let us take care of your chickens just as we do our own - giving them the care, love and attention they deserve whilst you are on your own ‘get away’.


We have both large woodchip runs, and grass areas too.



Click here for more details and pricing Hen Holidays / Chicken Boarding


Call us TODAY!

Viewings & collections by appointment only FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY

(9.00am to 4.30pm) ALL YEAR ROUND.


All hybrid pullets are FULLY VACCINATED, sexed and available for sale from 16 weeks old (POL).


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Come and see for yourselves, the caring, lovely clean conditions all our chickens have grown up in.

Welcome to our website.  What started for us, as “a few chickens just for eggs in the garden”, has grown into Southmead Poultry, the family run business that has been going now for about 14 years.  Little did I realise how addictive chicken keeping can be!  It has become one of the fast growing pastimes in the UK. 


We love chickens, their stunning colours, individual personalities, and the trust/ friendship they give you.  We want to share our love of chickens with others, therefore if you are looking for a pet in the garden that comes running out to see you to say hello, and that says thank you by giving you lovely eggs, then chickens are definitely for you!  Your chickens will become part of the family, they are not just egg layers, you will find their personalities will charm you, more than you can ever believe.


We encourage you to choose your own chickens, and we show you how to hold a bird, and how to wing clip (at no extra charge).   Advice on feeding, healthcare and products for common chicken ailments to all is offered to all customers.  Many poultry supplies and chicken houses, are available for sale here, at Southmead Poultry for you to take away today!.


All the breeds we have are docile, and good with children.  We offer all our customers any advice they may need, whether they purchased their birds yesterday, or years ago.  Advice is always given if you are just embarking on this wonderful hobby of keeping chickens.


What more could you want?  Why not give us a call today?



For further enquiries and current availability, please telephone

(01372) 458320, or 07963 013597

Or alternatively e-mail us at


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For “viewings and collections” FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY and TUESDAY

(9.00am to 4.00pm) ALL YEAR ROUND.


Please telephone and make an appointment to come and see us.

Collection/viewings by appointment only.


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