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Chicken & Poultry – Feeders, Drinkers, Accessories and Supplies


See our Essential Health Supplies page for essential items such as Smite, Diatom, Poultry PEP, Diatom Red Mite Powder, Louse Powder, Verm-X wormer, plus many more essential items for the chicken keeper.  See our Housing page for our luxury chicken houses.


 All the products below are very practical and easy to use.  I should know, I use these products myself !



Chicken/ Poultry FEEDERS



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Chicken Feeder/Hopper (excl lid), UV resistant.  You can either hang these feeders or stand them on the floor.  The plastic bars within the feeder stop the chicken throwing feed out of the container and the feed getting spoilt.  Very easy to clean.  Available in 3 sizes:-


3kg - height (including lid) approximately 290mm

6kg - height (including lid) approximately 350mm


Lids available for above feeders – prices start from £1.99.


£14.99 (3kg)


£18.99 (6kg)


Large weather proof lid

There are two types of lids available, the small triangular lid as seen and mentioned in picture/description above, and/or you can also purchase a wide lid and clip, that can be attached securely to the 3kg or 6kg feeder that will protect the feeder from the weather.  Available for the 3kg and 6kg feeders only, and securely clips onto the feeder.


(3kg feeder & wide lid shown in picture opposite)


(wide lid only)



(3kg feeder only)


20kg feeder shown above.

This all weather heavy duty Galvanised Treadle Poultry Feeding station with a storage capacity of either 5kg, 8kg, 12kg or 20kgs of pelleted feed – keeps your poultry feed dry and protected from mice and rats.  You can adjust the treadle weight to guarantee your birds access to the feeding trough.


Its wonderful design keeps the poultry feed sealed until the weight of a hen is applied to the treadle.  Once the bird stands on the treadle a lid opens to reveal the food, thus allowing the bird to feed.   When the bird steps off the treadle, the lid closes again. This fantastic feature will save YOU lots of money in stolen or wasted food!


5kg feeder dimensions:     W 33.5 cm,   D (excl. treadle) 23cm, H = 39.5cm

8kg feeder dimensions:     W 33.5 cm,   D (excl. treadle) 23cm, H = 46cm

12kg feeder dimensions:   W 33.5 cm,   D (excl. treadle) 23cm, H = 50cm,

20kg feeder dimensions:   W 33.5 cm,   D (excl. treadle) 23cm, H = 66cm.


Advice - To get your hens used to the treadle feeder - put a heavy brick on the treadle for a few days so your birds can get accustomed to feeding from the feeding station, before removing the brick and them using it how it was intended.


(5kg feeder)




(8kg feeder)




(12kg feeder)




(20kg feeder)

Feed scoop 500ml – a very handy tool to top up your chicken feeder up with feed, or to train you chickens to go where you want them to, or just a scoop to treat your chickens with some corn.  So many uses, comes in four colours (pink), (blue), (green) and (purple).


Small grit and treat pot

Comes in a variety of colours (red), (blue), (green), (white), (yellow).


These pots are not suitable as main feeder/drinker containers, these are pots for grit/oystershell, treats, or for a single bird in isolation.



EXAMPLE:-  On average a chicken will consume approximately 150g of feed per day.  For example the 3kg feeder, if filled with layers pellets, will last 3 hens approximately one week.


Chicken/Poultry DRINKERS



Description: 4ltr gw drinker

Green and white twist lock bell shaped poultry drinker that you can either hang or stand, they also have folding extendable legs.  Available in two sizes:-


4ltr Chicken Drinker - height with legs fully extended 330mm, height without legs 260mm suitable for up to 4 birds.

8ltr Chicken Drinker - height with legs fully extended 380mm, height without legs 310mm – suitable for 5 birds or more.





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Green and white drinker 8.5ltr – twist lock bell shaped poultry drinker – high quality dome shaped plastic drinker, with hanging hook and easy to use.  Or you can put it on a couple of bricks to raise it up off the ground.


Size - 300mm high by 310mm wide – suitable for a maximum of 8 birds per day.



40ltr shown above

Tripod Poultry Drinker – 20ltr, 30ltr and 40ltr – a large labour saving plastic translucent tripod poultry drinker.


Dimensions - 36cm wide x 61.5cm high(20ltr) : 36cm wide x 72cm high(30ltr) : 36cm wide x 83cm high(40ltr)

Prices start from £35.99

Feeder/drinker station - the stand itself is made from green plastic coated steel weld mesh.  The feeder and drinker come in 2 colours – mid/dark green or purple.


With the complete package, you get the stand, feeder and drinker.


(Complete package)



(individual feeder)




(individual drinker)



(Stand only)

EXAMPLE – Generally, if you purchase a 3kg feeder, and you wish to purchase a drinker at the same time, you would purchase either the 4ltr green and white drinker.  Alternatively, if you purchased the 6kg feeder, and you wished to purchase a drinker at the same time, you would generally purchase the 8ltr drinker (size permitting in your coop).  The 20 or 30ltr tripod drinker is a great asset to a chicken keeper who has numerous birds, and who likes to ensure their birds never run out of water (especially in the hot summer months).







Poop scraper – a very handy tool to assist with the removal of the chicken poop on perches, poop trays and inside the chicken coop.  Ideal for both plastic and wooden houses.



Pump sprayers

Ideal for disinfecting your chicken coop with Smite/Poultry Shield in the chicken coop or weed killing, green fly spraying your plants etc.  It has an adjustable nozzle for single jet or fine mist,

with locking lever for continuous spray positioning, if required.


Assortment of colours: Lime / Strawberry / Aquamarine – all 1.75ltrs



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Two compartment nest box

 is shown above

Rollaway nest box

These can be used as the primary or additional nest boxes.  This helps to keep the eggs clean and prevents egg pecking.


Easy to clean, we use them they are great.


2 compartment nest box dimensions – W53.5cm, D52.5cm, H42.5cm


Two compartments £54.99

The Stubbs Poultry Palace - suitable for many pets.


I think this is a fantastic item that will provide a dry shelter / covered dust bath area / extra nest box / broody hen space / dry feed area / isolation box / temporary shelter for new bird introduction – the uses are endless. 


This waterproof, rot proof and non-porous polypropylene box is completely portable, lightweight, easy to clean, red mite/lice will not like it.  It will provide many solutions to your poultry keeping needs.


Size 44cm wide, 39cm deep, 44cm high – available in green.



Fantastic value

Electrified poultry netting kits

Hotline electrified poultry netting kit with gate – provides a deterrent against predators, keeping your poultry safe. 

Easily moveable, can be powered by either mains electricity (220v) or from a 12v battery.  Height 110cm.  Comes in two sizes 25 or 50 metre kits.

The kit includes an energizer, 25m or 50m netting, gate, posts, guy ropes, pegs, repair kit, 4 rigid double spoke corner posts, earth stake and warning sign.


The only additional item you will need to purchase is either a lead out cable (for mains connection), or a 12v battery.

Lead out cables come in 10m, 25m or 50m reels (see below).  You can also purchase additional posts, if required.

25m kit

only £360.00



50m kit

only £375.00

Lead-out cable

Lead-Out Cable - 10, 25 or 50 metres in length - double insulated 1.6mm steel cable, for mains connection to Electric Poultry Fencing Kits.

From £14.99

Non-Electrifiable Poultry



Non-electrified netting (Omlet) - comes in lengths 12m and 21m.  It is very easy to erect and move around. It can be used to keep your chickens ‘within’ an area, or ‘out’ of an area, like your prized vegetable patch, or best flowers!


All the poles have two pronged spikes making it easy to 'tread/push' them into the ground, plus it also comes with a gate that you can set to the desired width, making it easy to get in and out of.   The guy ropes are reflective, to make it easier to see them.


The netting’s holes are only 5cm wide (so suitable for bantam chicken breeds) plus the netting height is 1.25m, which is taller than most netting.


Please note: This netting cannot be electrified.

12 metre




21 metre



Poultry netting


Poultry netting (Hotline) This strong woven netting is easily moveable, comes in both 25m and 50m lengths and is 110cm high.  It can be used as just standard poultry netting, to keep your hens in a certain area of the garden or, to keep them out of a certain part of the garden too. 

If you already have electrified netting, it can be used as an extension to what you already have, as long as your energiser is powerful enough.

The netting comes with posts and pegs, and can be an addition to existing electrified poultry netting, or just be used a general non electrified poultry netting too.

Additional flexible or ridged corner posts for this can be purchased separately if required.




chicken house door opener




Automatic pop hole door opener – the ASTi Premium – a great labour saving device that ensures your chickens are safe and secure in their house at night - out of the reach of Mr Fox


Includes integrated timer and light sensor, with manual over-ride – runs on 4 AA batteries (supplied).


We use them here, they are fantastic!  Give great peace of mind.  For doors weighing up to 1kg.

Auto door opener



Self locking chicken house door kit



Self locking chicken pop hole door kit - the unique self-locking wings designed to stop predators from lifting up the coop door and getting to your precious flock – an ideal accompaniment for one of Chickenguard’s automatic door openers.


Once the door is fully lowered the wings are released, locking the door into place, adding an additional level of security for you and your hens, plus the tough durable runners are 100% recycled.


Dimensions– Aluminium Door Dimensions – 25cm x 30 cm (10” x 12”) – Runners Length – 59.5 cm (23.5”)



for chicken runs


Clear or Green Heavy Duty Run Covers


We sell a variety of both green and clear covers thus keeping your chickens/chicken run dry and giving them good protection from the wind, rain and snow, whilst at the same time the clear cover allows maximum daylight through for your birds.  Both shades come with bungee clips to attach the cover to the run.  Please call for more information.


1m clear cover with bungees - cover measures 86cm x 220cm.          £23.95


2m clear cover with bungees - cover measures 172cm x 220cm.        £31.95


Please call for more sizes. 


We sell the covers for the Omlet Cube, Eglu Go and Go Up, plus these covers can be used on any chicken run or house to keep your birds dry, or give them a shaded area in the summer.


Dummy Eggs

Brown Dummy Eggs – to encourage the hen to lay in the correct place, or to place under a broody hen before setting fertile eggs.


Egg Boxes

30 Grey Fibre Egg Boxes – for all those ‘golden eggs’ your chickens will lay you!



for your chicken run


Wood Chips to alleviate muddy chicken runs – sold in large bags, with a discount on purchases of 3 or more.  Keeps your chicken run free of slippery muddy smelly conditions.  Keeps it looking fresh and clean.






All the items above are subject to availability, and are for collection only.




For further enquiries and current availability, please telephone

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