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Hybrid chickens are a combination of pure breed chickens, bred together for a specific purpose - whether that be for disease resistance, egg laying qualities, egg colour or all round good looks! 

They are ideal for a few hens in the garden and/or a large flock in free range conditions, they are also well known for their excellent egg laying qualities. They tend to be a disease resistant breed, are very friendly, and make super pets once they have settled into their new home.

Our Point of Lay (POL) hybrids are on average between 16-20 weeks old when they are ready for their new homes, and they will usually start laying on average between 20-24 weeks of age.   The chickens are also known as "pullets" at this age.  Our birds are sexed, so you won't get a cockerel.


We do not sell hens any younger than 16 weeks of age as they undergo a full 16 week vaccination programme to protect them against Salmonella, Mareks Disease, Newcastle's Disease, Coccidiosis, Mycoplasma etc.   No more vaccinations are needed.


Examples of the colouration of the breed are noted below.




ISA Brown / Warren / Lohmann / Shaver / Gingernut / Bovan Brown

 a docile, ‘people/child friendly’ hybrid hen

£20.00 each



The ISA Brown is a lovely docile ginger/brown bird, and an excellent layer with a calm temperament.  Ideally suited for both free range conditions, and for small gardens.  She lays approximately 325 medium/large brown eggs. 


A very ‘people/child’ friendly docile bird, ideal for the first time chicken keeper, and seasoned chicken keeper alike.  Excellent egg layer.  Feather colouration varies from a deep burgundy red, to a light ginger with cream coloured markings. 


As you can see from the pictures of my own hens, they vary in shade.  Each batch we produce has slightly different in colour/markings.


Great for both small and large gardens.



Available NOW please e-mail or give us a call to register your interest and arrange a date/time to come and collect - our email address is or mobile number 07963 013597.





Here are a few people’s fabulous comments and feedback on our service, and the chickens we offer:-



“Thought you would like an update on our chickens we got from you.  Already Gin & Tonic do not run away from us & love a cuddle, think they are getting to know their names. We got our first egg yesterday & another today. believe it was Gin that laid them as her crown & wattles are beginning to be more prominent. Hats off to you for providing chickens who are healthy and already friendly. As your information stated wear painted nails at your peril :) and anything sparkly they love my rings, anklets etc. can't thank you enough for our 2nd batch of chickens, feel like this time we are more experienced & know what we are doing.

Would recommend you to anyone who wants to keep chickens for first time or again.” – Micky 07.06.24


“I just wanted to say thinks for breeding such lovely chickens (I collected them from you in September).  This is the third lot of chickens we have had and yours are by far the friendliest and most endearing set we have ever had - they have definitely become pets rather than egg producers and are such fun!” – Jilly 29.11.23


“I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the new chickens. They are lovely looking birds and super friendly. They have settled into their new home very quickly and have already laid two eggs 👍  - Paul 17.01.21


“I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the 2 ISA browns.  They are an absolute delight!  Lovely characters – very friendly and quiet also (which is a bonus!).  They have settled in well and are laying amazing eggs with very orange coloured yolks.  Thank you so much – a great recommendation.  We couldn’t be more delighted.”  -  Anita 04.01.21


“I just wanted to let you know we had our first egg delivered on Saturday - and then another 2 on the following days. We were so shocked as the chickens are only 18 weeks - laying ahead of schedule.  We are absolutely thrilled with how they are doing, and can’t believe how ‘human’ and quirky they are.


I wanted to thank you again as from the moment we picked them up it was clear that they had be very well cared for and comfortable in their feathers. They’re clearly benefiting from a good start to life.” - Marc 24.05.20




Don’t forget we sell all the items you need, including housing, feeders, drinkers, poultry accessories, feed etc





Taking your birds home

A cat carrier, dog crate or cardboard box with ventilation holes are an ideal means of transportation.  Just ensure there are plenty of ventilation holes in the box, and preferably a little bit of straw for your new girls to snuggle down into on their journey.  The box can be about the size of a crisp box, but must be at least 18 inches tall.



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