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Hen Holiday - Chicken Boarding


If you are going on holiday, or moving home, and can't find anyone to look after your hens,

then you can bring them to us for a little holiday of their own!



Whilst we all know that the best scenario is to keep your hens in the comfort and routine of their own home whilst you take your family holidays, unfortunately this is not always possible.  We understand how difficult it is to take family holidays and at the same time trying to find someone who knows about chickens, to look after your birds whilst you are away.  As seasoned chicken keepers let us take care of your chickens just as we do our own, giving them the care, love and attention they deserve.


Looking after your hens


Each flock has its own coop and run, they are not mixed with other other people’s hens.  We predominantly use the Omlet Mk1 Cube (with a bare minimum of 3m run on woodchip/grass) – see the pictures of some of our coops below.  Some coops are located in static runs on woodchip only and some are located on the grass.  We also use the Eglu Go UP for smaller flocks in large individual woodchip run areas for boarding hens.   The Omlet housing can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected thus not harbouring red mite or other insects, and offer superb protection from predators. 


We have two large wooden coops (without ladders) for the more elderly chickens/flocks that struggle with ladders in their later years.  As you can see we cater for flocks of all shapes and sizes, including large fowl and bantams (sorry no cockerels).



   Chickens in a cage

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Your chickens will be looked after to the highest standard and cleanliness and:-


ό    They will be kept in their family group in their own dedicated coop and secure run - they will not be mixed with other poultry. 


ό    Each house/run will have been jet washed and thoroughly disinfected before every visit, and made up with dust extracted Easichick/chopped straw/barley straw bedding – dependent on coop type.


ό    The house will be thoroughly cleaned every week, and fresh bedding laid.


ό    Their run has plenty woodchip for your hens to scratch around in.


ό    They will be safely secured inside their coop at night to ensure their safety.  The coop will be opened in the early morning and your hens will be given layers pellets and fresh drinking water each day, with more water during the day if it is needed in the hot weather, plus a handful of mixed corn/mealworms/greens in the afternoons.


ό    If you prefer your hens to have the brand of feed they are used to – please bring it along and we will happily follow your routine.


Please note - we cannot accept any birds that are sick due to cross contamination, therefore all hens will have a health check when they arrive, and we reserve the right to refuse admission of birds that are showing signs of infectious disease/injury or are in a poor condition. This is to protect the health of all of the hens staying on our smallholding.


To ensure we have the coops all clean and ready for their new occupants our boarding hours are as follows:-


           Drop off - between 2.30pm and 4.30pm (except Wed/Thursdays when between 4.00pm and 6.00pm) – unless otherwise agreed.

Collection – between 9.30am and 11.00am (except Wed/Thursdays when 9.00am and 10.00am) - unless otherwise agreed.

We are also open – Bank Holidays.


If you wish to drop off/collect your hens out of the hours stated above, then an additional charge will be levied.


If you wish us to store all or some of the eggs your girls lay during their stay with us thereby giving you a welcome home present on your return, we request you provide on drop off suitable egg boxes/storage containers with your name clearly marked on them.






The cost of our hen holiday/boarding is £2.50 per bird per night plus VAT @ 20% with a minimum charge of £52.50 (including 20% VAT).  Bookings for 4 consecutive weeks or more, or for a booking of 6+ hens we offer a discount (please contact us for details).


We ask for 25% deposit to secure your booking (which is non-refundable, even if you need to cancel the booking), the balance payment will be due in full on the arrival of your birds.  No reduction will be offered for early collection of your hens.


If collection of your birds is delayed for reasons beyond your control, please call to advise us.  We will try to fit in with your revised schedule, but we cannot guarantee your birds can stay in their current pens, as new birds may be booked in to stay.  Therefore we may need to move your hens to a spare coop/run to facilitate cleaning for the other booking, therefore an additional daily charge will be incurred.


If your chickens are not collected within seven days of the agreed collection date, and you have not contacted us to agree and pay for an extension of their stay, we will assume ownership of the hens.


We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your hens whilst in our care - we will however look after them to the best of our ability.  If your bird becomes ill during its stay with us, we will take it to our vets (unless you have instructed us not to do so).  All vet bills and mileage costs incurred, will need to be settled on collection.


To check availability, please contact us


If you are interested in booking your chickens in for a hen holiday/boarding here at Southmead Poultry, then please contact us for more details and to check availability.


Please note that in peak school holiday times we do get booked up quickly, so early booking is advisable.




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