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Chicken /Poultry - Health Supplements,

Treatments, Feed & Supplies


 All the products below are very practical and easy to use.  I should know, I use these products myself !





Smite a Mite (available in 1ltr or 5ltrs) – if used as directed will eradicate red mite from your chicken house.  You put it in your garden sprayer, using the dilution of (2x30ml pump shots per litre of water) and spray it in all the cracks and crevices of your poultry house every week as part of your cleaning/disinfecting routine.   It will dissolve the wax coating on the body of the red mite and kill both mites and their eggs on contact.  It can be used with the birds in residence but must not be used on the birds themselves. 


Using this in conjunction with Diatom or Smite powder, to greatly reduce the production/infestation of Red Mite and other insects in your chicken house. 








Red Mite powder - Diatom /Smite powder /Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an organic powder used for the effective control of a wide range of crawling insects including: red mite, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, mites, silverfish, spiders, centipedes, fleas, and grain storage insects.   It is very absorbent and effectively scratches/dehydrates parasites which causes them to dry out and die.  DE can be applied directly onto your pet or in bedding, nest boxes, dust baths and housing.  It also has many household and garden uses too.  Diatomaceous Earth comprises of the fossilized shells of ancient aquatic algae (diatoms).


We suggest using Poultry Shield or Smite first, to disinfect and kill red mite/red mite eggs, then when dry, apply Diatom/Smite powder to nest boxes and the chicken house floor, apply thoroughly in cracks and crevices, and re-treat every week as part of your weekly cleaning routine, and/or use in purpose made dust baths where the birds will get a constant covering when dust bathing. As with all powder applications, we always suggest you use a face mask.

£9.99 - 1kg

£14.99 - 2kg

£24.99 - 5kg

Louse Powder 500g a Soil Association approved ‘Organic’ product - that can be applied directly on the bird, or sprinkled in their bedding.  It is based on sterilized maize powder, and is safe to use. Stays active for up to 6 weeks. No egg withholding.


Lightly dust Louse Powder over the birds. Dependant upon infestation, the powder can be applied again after 5/6 weeks. If you are affected by dust allergies, it’s advisable to wear a mask during application. As with all powder applications, we always suggest you use a face mask.


Organic wormer - Verm-X (pellets or liquid) – for the natural control of all known ‘internal’ parasites.  Verm-X is a 100% natural herbal formula.  There is no egg withdrawal period – You just add it to your bird’s feed/drinking water or feed, for 3 consecutive days each month.


Verm-X is ideal for people who want to keep chickens ‘organically’, and who want to choose the ‘natural’ way of controlling parasites.  If you are growing your birds for your dinner table, there is no withdrawal period after using Verm-X prior to eating.

£11.99 - 250g

£17.99 – 250ml

£26.99 – 500ml

Ground sanitiser

Agrisec 250 Plus 2kg -  super absorbent ground sanitiser with ‘halamid (DEFRA approved) disinfectant powder.  Natural ingredients including yucca (combats ammonia), seaweed and essential oils.  Forms dry clumps which are easy to remove.  Suitable for poultry, game birds, lambing, dairy, etc.  Does not contain phosphates.


Natures Grub ground sanitising and disinfecting powder 2.5kg - can be used in all areas of your poultry enclosures, it has great absorption qualities and can absorb up to 7 times its own weight, it neutralises odours and kills insect eggs, preventing breeding areas for flies.  It has a drying effect on bacteria and is PH neutral.  Apply at a rate of 50g per square metre – your birds should be removed when treating the area, but can be returned a few mintues later.  Usefully applied to areas that have a build-up of droppings.


Simply sprinkle generously throughout the poultry house/run, apply to litter, bedding areas and around feeders/ drinkers.  As with all powder applications, we always suggest you use a face mask.

£9.99 – 2kg


£10.99 – 2.5kg






Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic - A natural way to keep your birds in healthy condition.  Rich in natural vitamins and minerals, ACV normalises the acid levels in the stomach and aids digestion.  Strengthens the immune system and gives the birds a boost, reduces faecal odours and assists with gut problems, worms.  Encourages quality feather and growth, giving your birds a healthier shinier plumage.  Helps with respiratory problems and aids the prevention of coccidiosis.


Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) – also in stock.


Easy to use just add 5.5ml to 1 litre of drinking water (use for one week, every four weeks).  Available in both 1ltr and 5ltr containers.  Not to be used in galvanized drinkers.

£6.99 – 1ltr

£14.99 – 5ltr




£5.99 – 1ltr (organic)

Poultry Spice/ Poultry Zest - are specially recommended for improving all round condition of your birds.  They act as a nutritional supplement that can be added into their feed, to help birds to get quickly over the moult. Invaluable for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and game birds. Contains no added preservatives or colours.


One teaspoon (supplied) per 10 birds – added to their feed/favourite treat daily.


Agrivite Poultry Pep – is a tasty mineral supplement for poultry containing a unique blend of spices and vitamin C, to support all round condition in your birds.  It maintains immunity, supports laying performance, encourages growth, maintains their condition in extreme weather (both in heat and freezing weather).  Good also for when your birds are moulting.  Suitable for chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons and game birds.



Poultry Drink/Tonic - is a ‘pink’ liquid that contains 5 minerals in a high energy sugar syrup base, to support all round condition, appetite and health in poultry.  Added directly to the drinking water.   Ideal for birds that are looking a bit off colour, birds recovering from red mite infestation, battery hens etc.   Contains iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and copper.  Suitable for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and pigeons.


Dosage:   10ml of Poultry Drink to each 5 litres of drinking water



Violet antiseptic spray

Violet antiseptic spray - for application to minor cuts and scratches.  Suitable for use on poultry, sheep, cattle, pigs etc.


Feather, shell and bone supplement(s)



Agrivite Enhance is a feather, egg shell and bone supplement containing calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D3 for enhancement of egg shell quality, bone strength and to support feathering – Vitamin D3 enables the body to absorb calcium, Magnesium for bone and egg shell.


Dosage:   5ml of Agrivite Enhance to 1 litre of drinking water (use for at least 7 days).  Use as and when required – used for old hens where egg shell quality is poor/thin.  Comes in a 250ml bottle.


Shell Aid has been formulated to improve the egg shell quality, thickness and strength. It is particularly helpful in improving thin shells and uneven and rough textured shells.  Made from a mixture of essential minerals and vitamins designed for poultry; including Calcium Lactate and Vitamins D3 & E.


Add 5ml of Shell Aid to every 1 litre of clean drinking water.  Treatment should continue for at least 7 days and can be reintroduced at a later date as and when required.  Comes in a 100ml bottle.



£6.99 – 250ml

£8.99 – 500ml



Shell Aid £4.99 - 100ml



Feed/ Treats/ Bedding



Layers Pellets or Layers Mash

Layers Pellets or mash - chicken feed available in 20kg bags.

In stock


Poultry Grit with Oystershell

(3kg bags)

Poultry Grit with Oystershell - They need to have a small amount of this once a month.  The grit is stored in the chicken’s gullet which enables the chicken to grid down the food that they eat so that it is easily digestible, and the oystershell is for calcium for the chicken and also strengthens the egg shells that they themselves produce.


Mixed Corn


Mixed corn – This is their afternoon treat, their sweeties, and their bribe.  They absolutely adore this!  A definite ‘must’ on your shopping list.

Available in 5kg or 20kg bags




Treats/boredom busters


Pecker Blocks - a nice treat/supplement and proven deterrent for boredom, we sell a variety of enticing flavours:-


Grain, seeds, herbal extracts, incl mixed grits and oystershell – comes in 280g


Grain, seeds, mealworms, herbal extracts, incl mixed grits and oystershell – 250g.


Dried fruit, corn and grit – 280g and 1.2kg


Garlic, herb and seaweed – 280g and 1.2kg


Perfect peck - ideal as partial forage replacement, as a treat or boredom buster, or to top up the daily diet. The nutritious grass and grain blocks are low in natural sugars and contain no additives or molasses – 1kg (not shown in picture)




250g, 280g




Perfect Peck




1.2kg mega pecker


Mealworms – available in 200g, 400g and 800g tubs – a real treat for your birds, just watch their enjoyment, they will LOVE them and you too!  They are premium freeze-dried to keep all the nutrients and are packed full of protein, vitamins and high grade edible oils providing a great source of energy.


£5.99 a tub

Hen Popcorn

Popcorn treats 20g– why not treat your chickens to a bag of chicken popcorn that comes in two delicious flavours:-


Garlic, Herb and Seaweed –a health boosting nutritious treat made from Popcorn Maize, Seaweed, Mint and Garlic


Fruit & Berry – a tasty treat made from Popcorn Maize, Apples, Raspberries and Blueberries

99p each


Easichick is a dust free wood fibre bedding, specifically designed for poultry and other birds/animals. 


It is bacteria and dust free; absorbent and free draining; and comes in handy 20kg bags.  It is dense enough to not blow around in the wind, but still provides warmth and comfort for your birds. 

Plus it is biodegradable so can be composted or spread onto the garden.  Great for use in your chicken, rabbit, small animal housing.


20kg bag

Miscanthus straw

Miscanthus – can be used in nest boxes, under the perching area etc.  Dust extracted and easily compostable.  Also suitable for other small pets/animals.


Chopped Straw

Chopped Straw - for use on the floor of the chicken house, under the perching area etc.  Dust extracted, absorbent, quickly and easily compostable.  Also suitable for other small pets/animals.


Barley Straw

Barley straw for the nest boxes – fully dust extracted and suitable for other small pets/animals.  Weight approx 5kg.


Anti Pecking Spray


Anti Pecking 250ml spray – A clear spray to combat cannibalism, feather pecking and tail biting in poultry. 

Spray once or twice a day on damaged area.


Dummy Eggs

Brown Rubber Dummy Eggs – to encourage the hen to lay in the correct place, or to place under a broody hen before setting fertile eggs.


Egg Boxes

30 Grey Fibre Egg Boxes – C all those ‘golden eggs’ your chickens will lay you!






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For sale

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