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Omlet’s Eglu Go, and Go Up, plus poultry accessories, feed and Chicken Boarding Service/Holidays

We are based in Leatherhead, Surrey

Telephone (01372) 458320 or 07963 013597


E-mail your requirements to –




Changes to our services – at this time


As a business supplying both poultry, feed and poultry supplies, we are classed as an ‘essential service/business’ and are able to continue trading during a lockdown.  We have adapted our services to the current situation to keep everyone, including ourselves, as safe as we can:-


·       Visits are by appointment only - as always;


·       You must advise us in advance of what chicken supplies you require - preferably via e-mail on or if you wish to discuss your requirements before ordering please phone on 01372 458320 or text/phone on 07963 013597.  We will then send you an invoice for the total amount due.


·       Payment can be made by bank transfer (we will supply you with our bank details) or contactless up to £45.  Once payment is received, we will collect your supplies ordered and put them in a wheel barrow ready for your arrival.


·       When you arrive and park in the car park at the time agreed, please advise us of your arrival, we will then wheel your supplies to the side of your car, we will then walk away from your car whilst you load the items into your car, thus keeping the social distancing protocol;


This way you can still get your essential chicken supplies, feed, bedding etc that you need, and we can all do our bit to stay safe and not spread the virus, keep social distancing etc.


With regards to the sale of chickens, we ask that you e-mail us with your requirements to  Please note demand is very high at present.  When the birds become available for collection, I will contact you.  Visits will be by STRICT APPOINTMENT ONLY to ensure we have your birds ready for you, and to avoid other customers being on site at the same time to ensure social distancing requirements are met.   If demand is very high, we may have to limit you to 4 or 5 birds maximum per customer.  DEFRA has advised poultry rearers that the selling of hens is covered by their animal welfare legislation and we are told we can continue to do so when we have birds available, thus ensuring the welfare of the birds already being reared continues, and overcrowding does not occur as the bird continues to grow.


With regards to the chicken boarding, we are business as usual, but 2m distancing etc is required at all times.


With regards to chicken supplies, we are business as usual with the requirements of above.


To allow us to operate safely and within the regulations set out by the Government during this Corona Virus pandemic we will be taking the following strict measures to ensure that all our customers and our Team are protected:-


·                   Please only visit us if you feel your journey is essential.


·                   You need to order your choice of breeds/poultry products/feed via e-mail (as selected from our website), and pay for them in advance by bank transfer (details to be given) or by debit card payment over the phone if you prefer.  Unfortunately, due to safety restrictions you cannot choose birds on the day, or choose a specific bird from the flock (as previously) as access at this time needs to be limited.


·                   On your arrival, please remain in your car until a member of the Team signals that it is your turn to be served.


·                   As the Government rules/stipulation stand, a maximum of four people can vacate your vehicle on arrival.  Any other passengers must remain inside the car.


·                   When you collect your birds, you will need to supply your own pet carrier and we will transfer the birds from a holding crate into your carrier.


·                   Keep to the social distancing rules- do not come any closer to us than 2 metres.  Shout nicely to us if you need to!  We have a 2 metre barrier so please be aware of and respect this.


·                   There will be no toilet facilities available at this time.


If you have ANY concerns that you are not at full health, or have shown ANY symptoms of Covid-19 DO NOT VISIT US.  PLEASE STAY AWAY to help us to protect ourselves, to protect others, protect the NHS and save lives.   We would also recommend people take their own personal safety measures even if you are feeling well, such as wearing gloves and a mask/scarf.


The above restrictions are to ensure that we all stay safe, and comply with social distancing and Government restrictions.


We hope to have business as usual again, once it is safe to do so.


Stay safe and well everyone 😊




From the Team of two at Southmead Poultry.


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